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  • "Sanitation is important so lets stop open defecation. Support FWC mission to provide access Toilet for Everyone "

    Andy Noya

    Metro TV Presenter
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  • “FWC's dual mission of creating profit and serving a greater social mission is a one-two punch of tenacity and capability. They have an acute understanding of their core customer and already serve almost one million people all over Indonesia. It was a great pleasure to collaborate with such an inspiring and engaged venture. Keep up the good work and congratulations for making the present and future of so many people better every day.”

    FGI 2018

    Harvard Business School
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  • “When I first heard about FWC, I was not convinced. However, after I saw the product, I was interested to try it. And it is true that after I use it, I stop having toilet issue. The size is 20% larger making it more convenient to use.”

    Diana Atmadja S.

    FWC User
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  • After purchasing FWC closet, I stop using other brands. FWC squat toilets are robust, shiny, fast to ship, and very affordable. When I purchased other products in bulk, sometimes we will find defective products. With FWC, the quality is consistent, 100% super."

    Budiman Nyotowidjojo

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  • "When FWC entered the market, I immediately fell in love because the price is economical and the superior quality satisfies my customers. The color does not fade, the finishing is neat, and the finishing is glossy. The product itself is dense and heavy. Until this second, I have not received any complaints from my customers. Ever since I carry FWC products, I stop selling other products and will not sell any other brands."


    Building Material Store - Kota Kembang
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Why Squat Toilet is Good for Your Health?